This is good news!

Website additions

The Group CCE website has had more work done on it in order to enhance your experience. Firstly, the site is now accessible via SSL by default (i.e. if you typed in, it will automatically redirect you to httpS:// HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is being implemented as well.

SSL is soon becoming the default method of surfing the Web, due to every-increasing concerns of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Unfortunately, the website uses Server Name Indication (SNI), which is not supported by older browsers and OSes, including IE on Windows XP and Android’s default browser on anything lower than Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS, or v4.0).

The Contact Us section has also been added and fleshed out, so now you have a plethora of choices in how you wish to communicate with us. The page makes extensive use of JavaScript, though, to mitigate against the automated harvesting of contact details, so if you have JavaScript disabled, your best option is to use the contact form. The form works even without JavaScript enabled, and your message will be answered within 1 working day or less.

In addition, Group CCE now supports end-to-end encryption and security for all its products and services without additional costs aside from third-party charges (if any). Clients who require data integrity and security for regulatory purposes may rest assured that Group CCE’s technical security is up to the job, and that the processes followed are also as secure as practicable.

Additional features and functionality is planned, including easier, more convenient payment methods, and faster methods to commission Group CCE’s work directly from the website. Stay tuned.