Editorial Products & Services

Editorial Services pictureA picture may be worth a thousand words, but a carefully crafted sentence could win you immortality. The perfect combination of content and supporting imagery will enable you to present your message in the best manner possible, and net you the results you want.

 Going through the report checklist

Report Generation

Manuscripts submitted for report generation will be read through twice, after which a report providing a quick summary of significant issues discovered (and samples of such issues) e.g. major proofing mistakes, factual errors, continuity snarls. Ideal if you just want to know whether you need further editorial services, and to what extent. If you decide to commission one of the other products below, the amount paid for this product will be deducted from the final invoice of the other service.

Rate: RM6 (AUD2)/A4 page

Upon request, a synopsis/abstract of the content will also be generated.


RM60 (AUD20)/250 words (synopsis up to a maximum of 1000 words)

RM100 (AUD30)/hour (synopsis above 1000 words, minimum 3 hours)

Proofreading is a professional job


Perfect for those who just need a third party to read through a finalised document. Spelling mistakes and grammar checking, minor rewords or rewrites of awkward sentences. Stylistic consistency check (UK vs. US English spelling).


RM10 (AUD3)/A4 page for non-technical documents

RM50 (AUD15)/A4 page for technical documents

 Copy edited manuscript

Copy Editing

In addition to proofreading, copy editing includes fact checking, writing tone and manner checking, creation of a style-sheet/guide and readability.


RM30 (AUD10)/A4 page for non-technical documents

RM100 (AUD30)/A4 page for technical documents

The pen is mightier than the sword

Structural Editing

In addition to copy editing, structural (or developmental) editing includes advisory on document structure, story flow, continuity consistency and comprehensibility. Recommended mostly for fiction writers.


RM100 (AUD30)/A4 page for non-technical documents

RM250 (AUD75)/A4 page for technical documents


RM30 (AUD10)/hour for non-technical documents

RM100 (AUD30)/hour for technical documents

Books stacked up in a pile

Ghostwriting/Creative writing

Need a book/novella written? Whether it’s a coffee-table book, non-fiction, F&SF or Christian apologetics, we will create a compelling and exciting narrative that will be thoroughly sourced and fully fact-checked.

Rate: RM0.40 (AUD0.10)/word (minimum charge of 25,000 words)
Mind-mapping marketing strategies

Commercial A&P Copywriting

We provide a range of commercial editorial services. Through a network of local and international design partners, we are also able to offer a full range of creative services upon request. Our philosophy is to provide clients with top-notch, high quality, fresh content, supported by copy that sells.

  • Content rewriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Advertising taglines, slogans, standfirsts etc.
  • Branding and positioning
  • Special projects
  • Website setup and maintenance
    • Blogging
    • Forum posting and moderation
    • News articles


All documents will be reformatted to Calibri 11pt single-spacing text. Per-page calculations are done based on the reformatted text.

Please note that CCE Group will not provide essays/assignments from scratch for any student or download service. We will tighten up your copy and correct any linguistic errors (unless it’s your English homework), but you must have shown your work.