Terms And Conditions Of Work Supplied

All work commissioned (the work) for Group CCE and/or our partners and associates through this website are subject to the following Terms and Conditions (T&C). Your acceptance of our quotations and instructions to us to start work (the work order) constitutes your agreement to the T&C; should you require different T&C, please contact us prior to the commencement of work.

  1. Work done on behalf of an immediate client (i.e. direct commission) is done on the basis of exclusive licencing, save in the case where existing copyright exists and the work is deemed a derivative work. Group CCE retains all copyrights; however, we grant an exclusive licence to the immediate client to use the work for the express purposes for which the work was commissioned. This licence does not extend to the subsequent reuse of the work in any other capacity other than the scope as specified in the work order; a separate licence must be purchased for each form of reuse. In no way does this licencing requirement restrict any statutory or ‘fair use’ exemptions granted to the client under the relevant national and international copyright regulations.
  1. Work done on behalf of an indirect client (i.e. agency commission) is done on the basis of work-for-hire. Group CCE explicitly disclaims all copyrights and liabilities pertaining to the work once it has been handed over to the client. However, the client shall extend an exclusive licence to Group CCE to transmit, reproduce and display the work for the sole purpose of exhibiting the work as part of Group CCE’s portfolio. The client shall also extend a licence to Group CCE to modify, adapt or excerpt the work for use in other contexts and with other clients. This licence shall not in any way extend to portions of the work deemed confidential or otherwise covered under an NDA. The work shall not be displayed publicly nor stored in an insecure fashion by Group CCE so as to be accessible by external third parties until the embargo period (if any) is over.
  1. All work done for any client under NDAs or other confidentiality agreements shall be deemed work-for-hire. Group CCE shall not display such work under its portfolio until the embargo period is over, nor shall it require any licencing to modify, adapt or excerpt the work for any use whatsoever. In return, the client shall pay any reasonable surcharges incurred as a result.
  1. All work undertaken and performed by Group CCE is covered by our Service Quality Guarantee: we will continue revising the work at no additional cost until the client is satisfied that it fulfils the requirements of the work order.
  1. Notwithstanding the above, any change to the scope and nature of the work order after the work has been substantially performed (i.e. >80% completion or handed over) is subject to additional fees. The amount of the additional fees shall be mutually agreed to before further work is done to accommodate the change request.
  1. Group CCE provides for both secure and insecure storage and transmission of work materials over the Internet and international air mail/courier, which may be subject to additional surcharges where applicable. Where insecure or non-secure storage and/or transmission methods have been selected by the client, Group CCE does not guarantee the privacy, confidentiality or safe delivery of such materials and expressly disclaims any liabilities arising as a result thereof.
  1. All other copyrights, registered trademarks and trademarks used in all works shall remain the property of their respective owners. Group CCE deems that its clients have the authority or other necessary permissions to transmit any materials provided to Group CCE for the purposes of commissioning the work and expressly disclaims any liabilities involving Intellectual Property disputes with regards to such materials.
  1. In the event that the work incurs third-party charges (i.e. stock photography, travel expenses, postage etc.), Group CCE shall add the costs to the final invoice, which may in any and all cases differ from the initial quotation. The client agrees that such charges that are reasonable shall be paid, regardless of whether such charges were previously approved or not.
  1. Group CCE may at any time decide not to enforce one or more of its prerogatives as listed above. This shall not be construed as a waiver of Group CCE’s rights or expectations or of the T&C whether in part or in full.