While most times the fees are all-inclusive, there are occasions where additional charges will apply; mostly in the events that jobs have to be done within very tight timeframes, or during public holidays or other similar times of the year, or to account for third-party expenses. These surcharges are listed below. Discounts are also available and are also listed below.

 All fees quoted are per-job; including minor alterations and change requests. Surcharges and discounts apply on the base fees charged; hence, a 10% surcharge and a 10% discount will cancel each other out.

General surcharges

Weekend rates: 20%
Public holiday rates (following Malaysian & Australian public holidays): 30%
Ad hoc expenses: as incurred (itemised)

Editorial surcharges

Rush rates (within 48 hours, up to 10 pages): 15%. Not valid for structural editing or ghostwriting.
Emergency rates (within 24 hours, up to 10 pages): 25%. Not valid for structural editing or ghostwriting.
Heavy rush rates (within 7 days, over 10 pages): 50%
Top priority rates (within 3 days, over 10 pages): 100%


Goodwill discount (first job): 10%
Online discount (jobs that incur no transportation/external costs): 10%
Research discount (jobs that require no additional research): 20%
Retainer discount: 10%

Church/para-church work discount*:

*Discount available to Church of England, all Protestant denominations, Roman Catholic, all Orthodox denominations, and independent churches, as well as non-denominational para-church organisations such as Salvation Army, OMF, OCF etc. Not valid for heterodox sects. For Bible-based mission, outreach, evangelical and aid-related work only. If unsure, ask for discount anyway; we consider on a case-by-case basis.