Our Philosophy

Group CCE is founded on a rejection of the rat race, a passion for pure superiority of service, and a commitment towards the improvement of the industries in which we operate.

With Group CCE, you always know where you stand. There are no office politics, no favouritism, no compromises. All of our services are clearly listed, cleanly explained and explicitly costed – you will never be in doubt about what you are paying for. Our terms of supply are unambiguously stated and always provided to you upfront. Our communications with you (and for you) will always be professional, but never vague or non-committal. We will never seek to pursue our own interests at your expense.

Group CCE’s services are provided to you with the highest level of quality at any given price point; that is our pride of work and our service guarantee to you. We are enthusiastic about our work, with a number of discounts that reflect our lean ‘machinery’ and efficiency measures. You can be sure that when you use Group CCE services, you are getting the best value for your money.

At Group CCE, ‘good enough’ is never good enough. We constantly strive to improve the level and quality of service to you on a continual basis. By being the service provider of choice, we hope and aim to improve the general standards of our specialties; be it editorial services, BI services, IT support services, or photography services.