Computer Configuration and Education

Cleanroom technicianHDD crash? Malware infestation? Regardless of whether it is a hardware or a software issue, Group CCE’s experts can help diagnose – and in many cases, fix – any problems you’re facing with your computers. Contact Group CCE now and have us quote you on the following services:

  • Setup highly-secure Windows desktops (includes BIOS lockdowns, full-disk encryption, USB/optical drive restrictions, antivirus & firewall software)
  • Setup LAN/WLAN/WAN security (includes WPA/WPA2-PSK AES, uPnP disabling, port scanning, router settings)
  • Setup full standalone FOSS desktop experience (includes GNU/Linux OS, Libre/Open Office, Steam, network software) – compatible with Windows
  • HDD maintenance/revival/recovery (software-only)
  • Internet security hardening (includes multifactor, harder passwords, HTTPS, JavaScript, Java hardening, VPN)
  • Post-malware data recovery and system repair


All services include a free DVD with the necessary tools to maintain and repair your system, as well as a complimentary 90-day technical support period for any work done on your system(s).

Technical Support representative

Our support experts might not be as good-looking, though..