Audio & Video Transcripts

Transcription equipment including headphones and a computer

Professional transcription is an email away!

We understand the need for accurate, unambiguous transcripts in various technical, medical and legal fields (amongst others). Group  CCE’s transcription services offer unparalleled and meticulous care at every level for such transcripts.

 And then, there are those times when a quick-and-dirty transcript is all it takes to get the job done. For affordable transcriptions and those who don’t require absolute perfection, you can count on Group CCE as well.

Easy-going girl with headphones

“Pretty close” transcription

Approximately 90% accuracy. The recording is listened to twice during the transcription phase, and once again to verify its accuracy. Certain words and phrases may be paraphrased without disrupting the meaning of the speaker.

Rate: RM2.00 (AUD0.60)/minute of audio transcribed (rounded down to the nearest minute)
Industry-standard transcribing

“Word-for-word” transcription

99+% accuracy. The recording is listened to 5 times during transcription phase, and a minimum of 3 additional times to verify its accuracy. No words are skipped and all verbal tics (e.g. um, ah, ahem) are retained. Indiscernible/garbled speech will be clearly marked.

Rate: RM3.50 (AUD1.00)/minute of audio transcribed (rounded down to the nearest minute)
 Enhanced Transcription

“Cleaned up” transcription

99+% accuracy + correction of grammar/syntax. All verbal tics removed, indiscernible/garbled speech replaced (where possible) with most likely words/phrases based on context and semantics.

Rate: RM4.00 (AUD1.30)/minute of audio transcribed (rounded down to the nearest minute)
Full-service Transcription

“Fully edited”/technical transcription

99+% accuracy + separate transcript in proper, grammatical British English (US English upon request) with annotations and additional background information based on speakers’ references. All inaccurate word/phrase choices will be replaced with semantically accurate counterparts. Special terms and restrictions apply.

Rate: RM5.00 (AUD1.50)/minute of audio transcribed (rounded down to the nearest minute)


All materials are transmitted to us via SSL and encrypted “at rest” using private key cryptography we control. The completed transcripts can be sent back in an encrypted form using your public key, or couriered on a CD/DVD with the decryption password emailed to you (additional courier fees may apply, please enquire).