Site Policies

Group CCE is committed to good Net citizenship. We clarify our positions on various aspects of your PII, what we collect, and how we use them as belows:

Privacy Policy

Your contact details are used only to contact you in order for us to fulfill a particular work order, InstaJob or contract, unless you have a prior or ongoing relationship with us (e.g. retainer basis). You will not receive any annoying sales pitches, upsell pitches, or other non-work-related emails (although you might get a Christmas card). They will not be sold, transferred or divulged to any other party without your permission, unless required to by law. The use of our contact form or InstaJob submissions constitutes your agreement for us to do the preceding.

Your use of this site may be (but currently is not) tracked by web analytics packages (e.g. Google Analytics). As no advertisements are served, the Do Not Track header will have no effect on this website.

If for whatever reason, you subscribe to this site’s RSS or email feeds, be advised that these are all opt-in, and you can just as easily opt-out.

Anti-spam Policy

We hate spam. Well, actually, we like the Hormel (r) variety. But otherwise, no. We therefore do not spam you. There are no real mailing lists that you can join up. You will NEVER be sent newsletters, brochures, ‘updates’ or anything of the sort unless you subscribed to a feed yourself. If an email address on our domain has been irritating you by doing so, you may email us at [enigma text=Please_enable_JavaScript_to_see_this][/enigma]. Most likely it will be either because you forgot you subscribed to a feed, or because someone’s been spoofing our email headers; nonetheless, we will check it out pronto.

Similarly, though, we’re tough on spam that we receive, and will pursue all legal action aggressively against spammers.

Registered User Policy

Under certain circumstances, we may issue you a username, user password and/or access password (for specific sections of the site). Your login details are protected by SSL, and we may mandate the use of Duo Security’s multi-factor authentication system. Further, your user password is also encrypted at rest. It is highly recommended that you change your user password as soon as possible (your access password cannot be changed automatically, and will expire in the specified time).

Password safety is your responsibility, and we disclaim all losses and damages as a result of someone else gaining access to your passwords through no fault of ours. We also do not condone any attempt to hack or crack our site using your credentials, and will immediately disable your access if we discover such attempts are being made.